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What if there were older, truer myths, where Santa is all about punishing the naughty rather than giving to the nice.Well, sometimes movies are considered masterpieces for a reason.You could fill a stocking with all of the terrific moments in the film.But in Hollywood, as ever, money talks. 23. Rise of the Guardians (2012) Perfectly positioned before the Christmas period and after the staggering success of.

Will Ferrell is priceless as the oversized elf who ventures far away from the North Pole to search for his father.Scharzenegger is on fine form and his neurotic performance shows that when his unique charisma is used properly, he can be a thoroughly entertaining comic performer.But first they have to get past Heat Miser and Snow Miser — the best Christmas baddies since the Grinch.

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Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, and Rosemary Clooney deck the halls in this Yuletide classic.All three films also have large and vocal groups of people who have some problem.

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There is an intangible quality to the schmaltzy, overly cheesy stories and heart-warming, or vomit-inducing sweetness of a Christmas film.A full movie list of Christmas 2014-2016, including best movies for Christmas 2016, new Xmas films for kids 2016, 2016 Disney upcoming Christmas movies, and DVD.Nothing says Christmas like a slasher film - especially one that was released to theaters on Christmas day.Not necessarily in Santa Claus, but in the strength of human compassion and caring and not many films can pull this off without becoming too overwhelming. 21. Meet Me in St.Watch the top 5 Christmas movie clips we collected to help get everyone in your family in the holiday spirit this year.One of the most special times of the year is the Christmas season.This is a list of television films produced for the cable network Freeform and its predecessors, The Family Channel, Fox Family, and ABC Family.Christmas is around the corner and you all must be making fun packed plans for the holidays.Home Alone 2, still being vaguely funny, was not in the same league.

But the sight of a down-and-out Dan Aykroyd in a Santa suit eating a slab of salmon through his grungy cotton-candy beard fills us with the holiday spirit.There is nothing better than to enjoy these Christmas movies during the lovely winter vacations.

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I have a niece who was so obsessed with this movie that one December she made me watch it three times in a row.

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Maddens hates Christmas because his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lore (Ashley Jensen), who attended drama school with him, left him on Christmas before he could propose to her 26.Here are the five best and five worst Christmas movies released since 2000.

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Like horror movies in October, December is the only time you absolutely must watch your favorite holiday classics — no exceptions.

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ScreenCritics Adam and Mike check out the top 10 festive films that get them in the mood for all things Christmas every year.Bah humbug indeed. 16. Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) Santa.

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This is a list of Christmas-themed films which received a theatrical release.

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From the setup, to the blanket of snow and the chilling Christmas carol singing.

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Enjoy the 25 best holiday movies, from old school classics like Miracle.

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These are the top 100 Christmas movies (or movies with a Christmas scene) ranked by their rating on IMDb.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.The story of Scrooge has been told many times since, but it is the 1951 version that adheres to the book closest.Gremlins (1984) Horror-comedies were an increasing popular film genre in the early 1980s after the success of films like Ghostbusters.