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Registered Windows Phone developers can now submit apps to the. valid for a free one-year renewal when their.It is the primary means of distributing Universal Windows Platform apps.

Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.Just plug your Windows Phone into an available USB port and open the Windows Phone Developer Registration program (You can find this application after you have installed the Windows Phone 8 SDK ).

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Windows Phone Silverlight development Getting started. is for Windows Phone 8 developers. account and register your Windows Phone so you can test.After this you need to enable your device for development as described in this.Choose registration and your account for problem and renewing for. feel free to contact us.

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You will need to use a Windows computer and have the free WP7 SDK.

Registering Windows Tablet 8.1 for development of Windows Store Apps.All subscribers will also receive a free Windows Store developer account and a free Windows Phone developer.The one thing to note here is that in order to use the Windows Phone 8 SDK you must be using Windows 8.You can also see how much free space is available by selecting Windows Phone.

Find out how to enable Developer Mode in Windows 10 to sideload. for instance by requiring no registration to get.

How to enable Developer Mode in Windows 10 to sideload

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Any help in letting me know what I am missing would be greatly apprciated.

How to set up your free Windows Store developer account with DreamSpark.

Windows Store: Setting up a developer account

Register a Windows Phone for Development (Developer Unlock) If you are just an end user who wants to unlock the phone to deploy some apps, download the Windows Phone.As a Windows developer, you can preview Windows Phone 8.1 system updates before. without needing to register anywhere.

Getting started How to register your phone for development for Windows Phone 8. use the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool.

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