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It cannot be removed without modification (rooting) or choosing a different Launcher.On my phone (S7 edge) using this disables the edge notifications that I get by using Samsungs default.Google actually responds in Siri-like fashion to the command.

Hi Google and Co, I have used Google Now Launcher Before and loved it however I am using on my Huawei P9 which wont let me set it as my home screen loader.

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Why are you guyz not giving any update on this app while you update all other apps weekly or monthly.Quick Reply Reply. XDA Developers was founded by developers, for is a free, personal email service from Microsoft.Google will now let you share your location with friends in Maps A new feature rolling out soon to all users will let you easily and temporarily broadcast where you are.

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Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products.Stay a step ahead with sports scores, weather, traffiic, and lots more.

Google Now is an intelligent agent that personalizes search results, answers questions, launches apps or plays.

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Google has released its Google Now notification integration for its desktop Chrome browser, and the update will begin rolling out today and continue to.But I do often lose my google feed (swiping to the left from the home screen).How to setup Google Now in Chrome for Windows 10 PC. I recently upgraded to Windows 10, but am unable to set up Google Now in my chrome browser.Considering those with cases have trouble pulling down the notification bar, it would be amazing if this app had it.Search for and register a domain, get hosting, and build a site with Google Domains.

In my phone Huawei Y3ii 4.5 inch, the app drawer looks 3 X x.x.x that makes me must scrolling down much coz my app too much and make i cant go work faster coz need scrolling down and again every open the drawer.If customer satisfaction is their aim then it is not the right way.Keep your inbox clutter-free with powerful organizational tools, and collaborate easily with OneDrive.

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After using this for a while I am not able to go back to the stock launcher or any other launchers.

Google Now coming to desktop near you By John P. Mello. Google Now is designed to predict your information needs and display them as virtual cards.Full Review Jonathan Schulz November 22, 2015 Really great, clean, love the design runs nicely but please please PLEASE allow us to REMOVE the Google search bar.Once that feature is added, it will be the only launcher I use on all my devices.Full Review Nicholas Strand April 17, 2016 Good Launcher but.Browse and install apps that integrate with and enhance G Suite, including Administrative Tools, CRM, Task Management, and much more.

Customizability is one of the reasons why, Google Cards may be cool but customization is one of my major issue.Stroll the streets of Tokyo, soar over Yosemite, or teleport across the globe.

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