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Published on Sep 26, 2014 This video is to show you how to fix Google Chrome if it wont open or if its taking a long time to open.

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For me, it took about 10 minutes, but all my other browsers worked fine.

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But when I was forced to submit at home and use Facebook on my laptop to submit my files, Chrome then starts taking a very long time to load, about 10-15 minutes.The GPU rendering usage on IE11 is way beyond what Chrome has, so it kills it on.This version of Google Chrome is so buggy it is totally unreliable.

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Why does Google Chrome take so long to open if there are saved.The main PC was running Windows 7 and I there mapped a network drive (z:) to the Win8 PC.But after I login it takes approx 25 sec for the network connection to get airborne --- first a red cross and then yellow triangle.

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Fix: Google Chrome Not Starting or Taking Forever on Windows 10.For reasons that do not depend on Softonic, you will be redirected to download. — Related topics — about Google Chrome. Google.Google Chrome takes a long time to load. so after using google chrome for about a year and having no problems whatsoever, just today I encountered one where the.Click Update Google Chrome. Download the beta version of Chrome,.

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There are several different ways to disable each process or to prevent Chrome from opening so many processes in the.And it seems no matter how many shortcuts I try to open, I remember I clicked Chrome about 20 times it only always opens just 2 Chrome windows.

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Why Using Chrome on Windows Literally Sucks (Battery, that is). (long known) issue Google has jumped on it with haste,.But soon as I close my Chrome windows I then have to wait lots again.Whenever I try and download something on Chrome,it takes. solved Google Chrome and Internet Explorer take too long.

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My Dell XPS8700 is like a 16 year old, friendly one minute and totally nuts the next for no reason at all.

Download speed on Google Chrome is. download speed on google crome. some downloads and browsing it again gave slow download speed.

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