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There is little user input as all you can do is enter password and add the key-file.

AxCrypt (Portable) is a file encryption tool, that uses AES algorithm with 128-bit keys.Unfortunately, during our testing, we managed to recover some shredded files with no effort at all.

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This will permit simply typing in the password and the file will be automatically decrypted in the same location.

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Our Review: AxCrypt provides secure AES-128 encryption of single files using passwords, and optionally key-files as well, which AxCrypt can generate for you.Users have no option in this sense and there is no information on how the process takes place.

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However, care should be taken when enabling this option as leaving your computer unattended will allow anyone to mess with your documents.AxCrypt AxCrypt axcrypt axcrypt review axcrypt mac axcrypt portable axcrypt android axcrypt review 2014 axcrypt.

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Encrypt Or Completely Wipe Files With the Axcrypt Encryption Utility.

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Now with that out of the way, my review: It works flawlessly. I use.

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So the only chance seems to be in the hands of data encryption software.Of all the free encryption utilities, this one is by far the easiest to use.

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TechRepublic ran an article about it back in February. Still,.

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AxCrypt is yet another component of the freeware family of data encrypting software.Besides encrypting Kruptos 2 is also perfectly capable of secure deletion of the data by shredding it to pieces.AxCrypt AxCrypt axcrypt axcrypt mac axcrypt review axcrypt android axcrypt portable axcrypt2go axcrypt alternative.AxCrypt freeware - An interactive and open source tool for Windows - Top Freeware. Summarize review in one sentence: What do you think about AxCrypt.

Its Bitlocker component is able to encrypt the entire computer, thus keeping all the files for the eyes of the owner.

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It combines strong symmetric encryption with compression and double-click editing.

You can create self extracting files which do not require installation of AxCrypt in order to be decrypted.

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I wish there were more choices for data encryption, but I guess AES 128-bit will do till next version.It integrates seamlessly with Windows to compress, encrypt, decrypt, store, send and work...Intergrates perfectly with explorer and offers everything you need to protect your privacy.Although it has not been updated for a long time it can very well function under Vista.The self-extracting option is extremely handy for those users trying to open the original but do not have AxCrypt installed.There is no option for this in the interface and Explorer context menu is again the only way to create it.It is not recommended to keep them long periods of time as making a change once in a while diminishes the chances for third parties to learn them.