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We will be exploring these issues: Is the Internet really free.

Aim Sinpeng, a lecturer in Comparative Politics at Sydney University, examined Thai governments latest measure to.

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This report is the summary of the Internet in Thailand throughout 2010 regarding both the.

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Thailand Demands More Proxy Censorship From Facebook from the negotiating-with-censors-rarely-goes-well dept.A new report argues Google is particularly accommodating over Thai censorship requests.In Laos, protesters are calling for the safe return of outspoken activist Sombath Somphone.

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Chinese Police to Help Patrol Internet Companies China and the U.S. May be Cracking Down on Cyberweapons China Will Cooperate With The U.S. Over Cybersecurity China.Crisis in Thailand Leads to Net Crackdown, Censorship. by Clothilde Le Coz.

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But not all websites that have been blacklisted under Thailand Internet censorship policies are unpleasant or bad like suspicious sites that steal credit card information which, in turn, are now being stopped via restrictions in cyberspace.Neighboring governments envy this capability yet lack sufficient tools or expertise, and so employ cruder tactics.

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Facebook is still up and running in Thailand despite being given a Tuesday deadline to remove content deemed insulting to the monarchy.

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Some internet service providers in Thailand include: Data Line Thai - Datamat Group, Far East Internet Co.,Ltd. - IFEC, Internet Thailand Company, Internet KSC, Anet - Anet Co, Asia Infonet, CS Lox Info, Idea Net, Jasmine Internet, Samart InfoNet, United Broadband Technology UBT.Over 1,300 websites and 860 YouTube videos have been blocked as result of the 2007 Cyber Crime Act.The intolerance is mirrored across Southeast Asia as regimes attempt to stem brewing dissent.For fear of sanctions, local ISPs strictly abide by Thailand Internet censorship.The Great Firewall of...

Posts about Internet censorship written by thaipoliticalprisoners.Censorship in Thailand - Wikipedia Censorship in Thailand is very significant.Ever since internet was introduced in Thailand, the government had been doing internet censorship by blocking some websites and blogs for varied reasons.

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No Laughing Matter: Parody Tweet Leads to a Detention in China.A year after that, the number of blocked websites increased to more than 13,000 which represents over 500% rise in blacklisted sites.

New licensing rules governing online news led 150 Singapore websites to black out in protest last month, and brought more than 2,000 demonstrators to the streets (an exceptional sight in the tightly run city-state.) The Philippines Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 was suspended amid public clamor that it threatened free speech, and a replacement draft has also been widely condemned.

Thailand Demands More Proxy Censorship From Facebook

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The Thai government has ordered relevant ministries to set up a single gateway.The 38-year-old has already been imprisoned twice for blogging about human rights and corruption from his home in Hanoi and lives half-expecting another fateful knock at the door.