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New devises show the option for airplay but will not display anything, just showes white screen after choosing Airplay.I have a (rebadged) LinkSys of some kind currently driving my house WiFi.Other users on the same machine have no problems with AirPlay Mirroring.

Everything you love is now even better with iOS 10, our biggest release yet.All work fine with Netflix and AirPlay even if I shut off v4 and go pure v6 or v4 and v6.

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For macOS, visit the Mac App Store to see if an update is available.It is tricky, but in iOS 8, to enable mirroring, you must scroll down the box which shows AirPlay in the command center.This guide will answer all of your questions about AirPlay and get you started with wireless streaming.

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My iMac is 2013 with 8 Gigs of ram, all software updated on my Mac and my Apple TV.I use Remote on my iPad 3 and Airplay Receiver on my Android Box.

Right now the receiver of both radios is being massively overdriven.But if the new account works, it may just be easier to use that new account than tackle fixing your problem account.Most computers, iDevices, and other WiFi-enabled devices get reassigned an IP address every time you boot them.I hooked it up to my wireless network, but am unable to use AirPlay with my iPhone 5.

Make sure that your iOS software is up to date ( How to update your iOS version: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch ).Sadly, user account issues (or corruption) are often very difficult to tease out.I see AppleTV as an option on my iPhone, but when I tap it, the check mark appears briefly and then disappears and goes back to only play on my iPhone.Check that the volume is up on your iDevice and the AirPlay device.Airplay Not Working With My iphone Anymore. 01-03-2011 03:13 PM. tools.Since your ethernet connection is fine and other users are not having this problem on the same iMac using the same Apple TV, it points to a user issue.

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As long as you have an app like Remote or similar one which will give you the icon.

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Got a new Macbook air, airplay worked fine until I updated the operation system to OS X EI Capitan.A corrupted iTunes installation often leads to problems with AirPlay so try reinstalling iTunes.Once downloaded, install it and then restart both your Mac and Apple TV.The AirPlay button is there and when I click it and choose apple tv nothing happens.Renewing leases helps to kickstart your device back into your WiFi network.

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Please help me by the way does anyone know their email address.It was unable to access the network and somehow brought that segment of network down.Updated iPhone 6 to latest iOS today 9.0.2 and now AirPlay from iPhone to AppleTV (second version, not latest) is not working.I have not been able to connect to AirPlay and mirror since software update v8.3. I can no longer see the Apple TV gen 3 on either device.I tried their website which I found plays the videos fine on Skyfire as that has Flash Player on it.

Pinging the Apple TV also works, therefore connection is fine (Ethernet).

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Instead I found if you download your favourite shows then they will Airplay.

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I am looking for a solution to this problem and have not been able to fix yet.Apple TV gen 2 is visible and will connect on the devices for a few seconds and then switch back to the iPhone or iPad mode.It is, you must scroll down the box which shows the AirPlay option.

Using DHCP Reservations ensures that your devices always have the same IP address.

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Plug the ATV back into the Conference Room TV and network and it displays the menu, finds the Ethernet, but WILL NOT SHOW UP IN AIRPLAY on my iPhone.

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I then connected it to a TV near my desk and was able to bring it up and mirror my device.

Airplay icon can be seen on iPhone.But no video or mirror is shown on TV.I used to be able to mirror my phone to tv via lightning connector and a cable.I have iPhone 5s on iOS 10.2 currently and has iOS 10.1.1 when I noticed problem.

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