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This brings up the next question -- do you need an antivirus program for your Linux installation.

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I could use sandboxing (returnil, sandboxie, threat buffer etc), but I want to avoid running windows outside a VM.A VM does isolate it from the host OS, which is why it is often used for security stuff.

What most people may not realize is that these programs are merely for scanning and containing Windows threats, usually on Windows partitions.Internet service providers in the United States have just been given the green light to sell usage history of their subscribers by S J Res 34, opening the.Distributions such as Ubuntu have gone even further to make using this tool simpler.While there are numerous excellent guides and tutorials for.If you have enabled every plugin and add-in on the planet, auto-allow scripts to execute, run out-dated and unpatched software, then yes.I am looking for guidelines, recommendations on the tools to use for this purpose.

Most exploits of that nature are caught quickly, often before the real malware developers find them.Windows has Acronis True Image after installing it create a bootable emergency disk.

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Since virtualizing will likely kill your GPU performance try this instead.Because this happens due to the end user choosing to give up their details, the only way to be sure to avoid a phishing scheme is to manually type in the address.

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The desktop running on Linux Operating System needs enhanced.Linux - Security This forum is for all security related questions.

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Still, using strong passwords and, going a step further, a good password manager can go a long way to protecting your important data.

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There is however, a need for making sure certain security considerations are attended to.

To access the guests, you need to use remote desktop, shell into them, etc.

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