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When any device is connected to the iPhone and active via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB, a blue bar shows the hotspot feature is in use as well as the number of connected devices.

Personal Hotspot includes both of those options as well as sharing via Wi-Fi.The biggest worry you might have with the feature is burning through data.I changed the name of my iPhone. cellular data network, scroll down to the PERSONAL HOTSPOT, APN write.Upon activation, any current Wi-Fi connection to an access point is terminated.

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I recommend plugging in an iPhone via USB or a power adapter to avoid running out of juice.

If no devices are connected by any network method, the Wi-Fi radio will power down after 90 seconds, and the hotspot will no longer broadcast its availability to Wi-Fi devices.Remote Access and Control. typically sell limited or throttled service plans for 3G.This includes FaceTime on an iPhone or iPod touch relayed through the hotspot (not on the iPhone running the Personal Hotspot feature).A password must be at least eight characters long (a mix of letters, numbers, and punctuation), but security experts recommend at least 10 characters, with at least one number or mark in there.To comment on this article and other Macworld content, visit our Facebook page or our Twitter feed.

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Performance will be reduced if multiple devices access data through the Straight Talk Hotspot simultaneously.The Personal Hotspot turns a Verizon iPhone into a portable wireless router that can share its Internet connection with other devices.

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You can also sign up for the service when purchasing a phone and plan.Hello, Recently i was trying to connect my Iphone 6 which is running on IOS 8.4 to my laptop, It connects but i am not able to access the internet through my laptop.How to Setup a Wi-Fi HotSpot in Windows 8 Have you ever wanted to.

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Unable to access internet from devices connected over WiFi hotspot. access the internet.

Same thing happening with my iPhone too, I am able to connect to hotspot.My iPhone 4s has a personal hotspot for connecting up to 5 devices to the internet.

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Apple iOS Personal Hotspot Annoyances This. and iPhone itself ( is a one-to-one connection that allows a single computer or other compatible device to use a phone as modem over Bluetooth or via a USB cable.USB is always available, but you can enable and disable USB tethering on the computer side, even when you have an iPhone plugged in for charging or syncing, via the Network preference pane.

Because Personal Hotspot looks to a computer or other device just like any Wi-Fi connection, you can carry out any task and use any service.In testing, I occasionally also had to toggle the hotspot switch to Off and back to On to reactivate it.

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When you flip Personal Hotspot to On, it will ask you if you want to enable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi if either is turned off.Unlimited Data Plan and Personal Hotspot. and I want personal hotspot to be set up on my iPhone. have to loose unlimted to gain access to hotspot.If you are having problems connecting your Phones Mobile Hotspot to your Laptop.

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A personal hotspot. iPhone, this can include. plan and quite frequently use the hotspot to get internet access.