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NORDvpn was recommended by number of review sites, they were all VERY WRONG.At a time where most sites are moving towards simplicity and lots of whitespace, it harks back to the old days of the internet when it was a more exclusive community for those with technological know-how.

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AirVPN not only has a fantastic attitude to privacy, but has the technical know-how to back it up.I gave AirVPN a try to other day and have been very impressed with the service.The overview gives your connection status:- Select your required server from the list.It mainly comes through their forums, where you can ask other users for information or to help you out with your problems.

They go the extra mile in all aspects, with heavy encryption, no logs and a very customisable client.We particularly like their totally transparent bandwidth allocation policy and you can easily check server status and load at any time from your online account.

This is a quote taken from a sign in the game Antichamber.They are absolutely fine with users torrenting, which makes it a good choice for many of the pirates out there.We go over details like AirVPN pricing, AirVPN applications, and how good AirVPN is.AirVPN have come along way since 2010, slowly and surely growing their network but never compromising on service.AirVPN Review - Full review of AirVPN including detailed setup tutorials.

If you are an advanced user, this really is the client for you.If you wish to discuss VPNs in general please visit the related discussion topics of our forum.In this in-depth AirVPN review I consider why, despite technical excellence and a reputation for caring about privacy, AirVPN remains unpopular with VPN users.Contrary to the popular belief, the customers do not look at the number of VPN servers all over the world.

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It boasts strong encryption, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, offers absolute.Their acceptance of cryptocurrencies is another element that helps users remain anonymous.

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In saying that, it has the best security and privacy available.

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AirVPN was founded by Italian hacktivists and Internet enthusiasts.Best VPN provides expert reviews of over 100 VPN providers, in-depth guides and news articles on privacy and cyber security.

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