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Full Review Christopher Wilson May 13, 2017 Since the app updated the login page never actually loads up.

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Everyone living in China seem to have strong opinions about Astrill.Well, I am very satisfied for now, many possible setting without being complicated, easy to use.We hope that you will let us know the details of the issue so that you can get the proper service from Astrill VPN which you deserve.

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The only slight hitch we experienced was the occasional need to restart our browser between connections, but this cannot be blamed on the software.

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As well as the live chat support, there are support telephone numbers, a support email address and a Skype account.We were then told that a verification code would be sent to the phone number we provided.It is highly recommended in China due to high censorship but for simple and fast browsing Openweb should work fine too.We decided to change to protocol to OpenVPN and try connecting to a server in the UK.Full Review Nina Chihuahua December 3, 2016 Terrible app Does not work.

Their service is really reliable, been connected to vpn for 48 hours so far, no stop and great speeds.Being forced to use a 6 month old version is a REALLY annoying problem.How many devices can be connected - simultaneously - to one thunderbolt port.Astrill provide very thorough information on their service, so it was easy for us to ascertain technical details about how the service works.

If you are a heavy-duty Internet user I would think twice about using Astrill.I run regular tests to maintain visibility on which are the fastest servers and find that I can always get a number of servers that have good speed.Astrill receives a whole bunch of take down notices every single day and then blocks users from reaching those destinations.

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User reviews Dusan Dragicevic May 13, 2017 Awesome until it stopped working.

It has a huge number of servers in the world and also supports almost all typical VPN.We provide multiple options for multiple devices connectivity so that you can select any option that suits you the best.Customer service refuses to refund remaining time on subscription, even though they know very well service is mostly unusable in China.Not working at all for past few days Full Review Flavio Moser May 17, 2017 Astrill is one of the only VPN services providing reliable access to the whole internet in China.Crash multiple time per day, wrong notification (say connected when not or opposite), double notification icons, force stop multiple time per day.OpenWeb, however, L2TP is an older technology, which explains some of the difference.

As you are our valuable customer we are offering you 15% discount.

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Skype and telephone support options are rare indeed, so we were very impressed with the support options available.Fastest VPN connection is guaranteed and there is no traffic limit.

Summary Astrill offer a comprehensive selection of VPN options, ranging from personal VPN services, on which we concentrate in this review, to dedicated VPN routers.They can max my 350mbps connection, which is amazing, they are the first out of many providers to do so.It got so bad that I was being disconnected every five minutes.It is for security reasons that you need to register an active number so that when you become a paid member and want to change login details, we will send a code to registered phone so we can verify if you are the owner of the account.This result was almost as good and still extremely impressive.I use this so I can watch stuff like PPSTV which only allows Chinese IP address.We continued to experiment with switching countries, and between OpenWeb and OpenVPN.

A problem with iOS devices is that they disconnect internet and VPN when screen turns off.We do not send code to email because email can be hacked.We also allow users to provide landline number incase they do not have mobile numbers.So, we require all the information for verification purposes only, so that we can provide legitimate users the service they deserve and keep away the hackers at bay.When we ran the file, we saw a message about the installation of a Firefox addon.Finally, we decided to connect to the USA, choosing a server in New York.

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As you can see from the screenshots, we did experience a performance drop of around 2Mbps, which is rather average.

First off, Astrill offers one of the widest selections of VPN protocols we have ever seen from a single provider.I use it all the time to access bbc in the uk and netflix offerings in other countries and it aways works.We support both UDP and TCP connections with custom ports e.g. port 53, 80, 443, etc.Each week we pull together the news and advice on keeping yourself safe and secure online.

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Insufficient memory errors are often resolved by merely rebooting the device.Been paying for it since march (half year contract after they assured me that it would work after some downtime during my last contract with Astrill), and still not able to use it.It is sooo easy to use its rediculous and it supports almost everything you could think of.