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Next lines Serial — the zone serial number, incremented when the zone file is modified, so the slave and secondary name servers know when the zone has been changed and should be reloaded.

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Updated: November 13, 2007. The DNS server encountered an invalid name server (NS) resource record in zone file %1 at line %2.It is because ddclient expects to see only unique host names in configuration.

Ubuntu DNS Server Guide - BIND Caching Name Server. then having to maintain a hosts configuration files on.Configuring Name Server Lookups-- resolv.conf. If no nameserver option is given, the resolver attempts to connect to the name server on the local host.Retry — This is the number of seconds the secondary server will wait before retrying when the last attempt has failed.How to Change the Hostname or Machine Name of an Ubuntu Linux Server.Some of you may know that I run an energy efficient Ubuntu home server that also doubles as a Ubuntu Home media server.

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Simple steps to changing an Ubuntu server hostname using the command line.This article explain you how to set up dns server in ubuntu linux.

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How to: Enable DHCP and Networking on Ubuntu Server By default this is not an issues as you can.Creating a domain name server on Ubuntu 13 is simple. Server Configuration.

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When a request is made again instead of forwarding the request it simply returns the cached answer, making resolution faster for future requests.

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When you first create a new Ubuntu 16.04 server, there are a few configuration steps.

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If you have been following our Ubuntu server series, you have learned how to setup a LAMP server and configure an APF firewall.

Setting Up DNS Using Webmin:. you may need to change the Module Configuration,.

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Expire — This is the number of seconds a master or secondary will wait before considering the data stale if it cannot reach the primary name server.

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Make an Ubuntu DNS server. or secondary will wait before considering the data stale if it cannot reach the primary name server. DNS configuration files.