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Latest ios 9.3.1 First of all did a restore of software from my phone to ipad using go app 2.4.3.

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We are having an issue with one of the ipads that we use on our network.I had bought a brand new apple ipad and i had problem with connecting it to internet.

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I had problems getting my iPad to connect to the home wireless.I have an email address and tried to send it from my ipad. My.I tried everything and lastly I unplugged my router and then turned it back and now it works.

It is not connecting to out company wireless, not even the guest account.

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I simply unplugged my router, and plugged it straight back in and let it boot itself up, then reset the iPad via the red slider and all is working perfectly again:).

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Solved: Ok, so I got Rogers installed a couple of months ago and today I attempted to connect my disabled daughters Ipad for school to our home.

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Change channels on your wireless network to use 2.4 and 5GHz channels with the least interference.Here are some possible troubleshooting solutions that might get your iPad internet connection started.

Many times there are multiple Wi-Fi networks available and you need to choose thje right one for optimum internet speed and connectivity.

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An iPad may be connected to a Wi-Fi network, but unable to access the Internet if the router itself is not connected to the Internet.I reset network settings and i restore my ipad as new and still getting this issue.Many new Apple iPad users are experiencing iPad WiFi problems like poor wi-fi network connection, weak signal strength, fluctuating signal and variable wif.A little help here: Out of no where, my ipad mini stopped connecting to internet.

My internet provider Bell is not able to assist and tecnician does not know enough about Apple ipad.I have the same as I had in WV in our home there. (Hughes net).

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I was getting this error when trying to update or install new.

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At home I get full bars of internet on my iPod in my room but on my iPad I get none.Even though there is no problem in signal range, my iPad 1 does not connect to known Wi-Fi network automatically.Many new Apple iPad users are experiencing iPad WiFi problems like poor wi-fi network connection, weak signal strength, fluctuating signal and variable wifi speeds.

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Theres some validity however I will take maintain opinion till I look into it further.

Although the iPad is a handy device on its own, you can greatly expand its capabilities by connecting it to your PC.Connecting and syncing your iPad with iTunes is an ideal way to manage the applications on your iPad, especially when you make new.

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Firewall: Sonicpoint TZ100W. iPad connects to the WiFi but there is not internet connection.