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How to watch videos on a proxy A proxy allows you to access Internet sites you are blocked from on your server by hiding your IP address.Of course, this point is of great importance to those who want to watch videos through anonymous surfing.

First you should choose a VPN that employs SSL encryption protocol (eg.A designated IP address is one that only your computer will have access to, which means that it will not appear on any databases that censors keep of IP addresses used by VPNs.How to Download Blocked YouTube Video. and download and watch such videos.Whether you want to save and watch a Flash video offline,. or run a proxy server from your home computer.

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The main reason VPNs are so superior to web proxies in allowing you to watch restricted videos is that because all your internet access is channeled through the VPN your computer will not divulge your real IP address through other applications like Flash Player, which you often need to view the videos online.

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Video Proxies is dedicated to keeping everyone informed of the best Video Proxy sites.How to Access Blocked Websites,. if you wish to use a proxy server that can only be accessed by using its IP.

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The web proxy will replace your IP address with one of its own and in this way will fool the site into believing you are located somewhere other than your actual location.

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Anonymous surfing can be achieved in different ways and to different levels of effectiveness.If the proxy supports videos, the playback functions without error.

In nearly all cases, it is completely legal for you to do so.How to Watch Videos on a Proxy Instructions Load. you will need to select a different proxy server.Cisco reported that 30% of all internet traffic is now video, and they estimate that by 2013, that figure will reach 90%.

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Try out a different proxy site for accessing the video sites (some proxy sites function correctly with a video site, depending on what video site you are using and what proxy site you are using).

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Exit out of your current proxy (click in the URL and type in any website address name).Proxy Video is a super fast free video proxy server. proxy servers make it.

The only downside of choosing to use a VPN to watch videos through anonymous surfing is that you must pay a monthly subscription to do so.These services offer many advantages over web proxies for internet users located outside their home country who want to watch videos through anonymous surfing.We today have compiled a list of 7 best video streaming proxies that can end your. used proxy for streaming videos on. access to due poor proxy server.Step Select the video you want to play by clicking the video from the list provided.Well, as a matter of fact, services have been around for a number of years which hide your IP address free of charge and allow you to bypass a blocked site and watch videos through anonymous surfing.

It enables you to watch all youtube videos without any. we focus on the speed of the servers instead.

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Geolocation The traditional way to get around blocked sites is by masking your IP address (and therefore your actual location) with a web proxy.