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I want to copy the VHS movies I own to DVD but am unable because of the internal copyright protection on them.If it were possible, is just downloading free available yet copyright material illegal.You are obviously a strong supporter of your nations laws regarding this and I do genuinely respect that, I also support and believe in my nations legal system in as far as what I am permitted to or not to do (otherwise anarchy would reign) and that system greatly differs from yours.The fact that a content owner will not permit Netflix, Hulu et al to make their content available in a certain region does not make it acceptable for people who live in that region to steal the content. Period. And as for people living in Mumbai not being able to afford the content: so what.

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The same applies when region codes and regional formats applied i.e pal or ntsc world regions 12345 etc. but the rhetoric on the discs from the US say you cant do it.Operating systems are the software that control the operation of a computer and provide a consistant interface, or API, that programs use to access the features and functionality of the operating system and computer.

Also, there is currently a worldwide convention going on with all kinds of governments and law enforcement agencies to attempt to come up with enforcement and penalties having to do with copyrighted material on the Internet.Make absolutely sure this is case in yoru country before you attempt.While non-member states are obviously not subject to the terms set out in the Convention, they likely do have their own laws relating to copyright.Justice Perram said the ruling was also important for deterring illegal.This comment is meant to try to illustrate to you the diversity in thinking around the globe.

I honestly think they are trying to slip these laws in under the rug without people knowing how it will affect them, so they can pass them with no fucks given.Which then brings up a question about the movies and games that are rented from a video store.Wanting to stop them from doing so, is harming the people they could have helped.This is not what we want in the future of Australia, we want a more free internet, not more restricted.

Ok, I understand exactly what you are saying and am grateful for the insight.Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe 144K 144K.

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In stark contrast here is an example of the US blowing off another nations sovereign laws.Popular distributions include Ubuntu (which itself is based on the Debian distribution,) Mint, Fedora, openSUSE, and more.

Hope this helps you out so you can continue to enjoy movies on popcorntime.The reason is that I wrote the book because I wanted to say something, and not because I wanted to make a living from it.I think not this is an education process to get all thinking the same way (and what a boring place it would become) around the world.IMPORTANT TO POINT OUT: In a long and growing list of countries, such as Canada and France, P2P (peer-to-peer) file sharing of copyrighted material has been deemed completely legal much to the delight of users.Jump to: navigation, search. by downloading a torrent file from another site or bittorrent P2P application client users,.

Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in 1976.These developers claim no right to restrict distribution otherwise, so as long as you follow those guidelines, you are free to do as you will with said goods.What are the chances of getting caught if you downloaded movies, say from a popular torrent site.If I want my plumber to do some plumbing work in my house, I negotiate a price.Intellectual property rights are not enacted into law everywhere.I can download and watch it, when I want, within minutes of its premier in America.

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It most certainly is not 100% illegal always. under some circumstances perhaps, under others not.

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Some of it is mind blowing on the penalty side of things with some very draconian punishments.I think Australian citizens need to push for net neutrality and need to petition against these new laws that are about to be introduced.

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Torrent is illegal in majority of countries and there is special piracy law for digital content like movies,.

Is our legal system incompetent to the rapidly growing technology.I am required to submit to my national laws and they take precedence.I think that the law system in the USA is quiet messed up and upside down in some aspects but what can 1 voice change.You are forbidden to use the VPN connections for any illegal internet access.Australia Telstra Corporation. carrying the illegal copies should be blocked and not the entire website.There are of the order of 100 downloads per month of it, since about 8 years.Using them to download pirated and copyrighted software without permission is illegal.