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These US Netflix DNS codes may work If you really want to deal with hacked DNS codes, here are some more.Xbox 360 Network Troubleshooting. to contact the Domain Name System (DNS) servers of your Internet. functionality to locate the Xbox Live game servers.Before following these steps on how to get American Netflix on XBox 360, check out my previous.

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Grrrr Reply Anita Does anyone have new United Stated DNS codes for Netflix.

This worked fine last night and I have been enjoying some of the American library.

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If you have gone through the basic troubleshooting steps for the FOX NOW, FXNOW, or Nat Geo TV app.My problem is that I input the primary and secondary servers given at the top if this article.

I use my Netflix almost daily for movies, TV shows and Documentaries.First you are going to need to assign your XBOX a Static IP unless your router supports MAC Address based Demilitarized Zone.I skim through the MSNBC News every few days and pick out only the stories I want to watch saving me time of all the other BS that comes with the news on cable TV.

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Use this tutorial to learn how to set up your Xbox 360 with MediaStreamer by changing your DNS settings.

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After a long run of easy free IP Addresses, hackers got involved and most companies found that this is a highly in demand service so anyone offering legit codes is going to charge.

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Under Destination if it gives you the option for MAC Address you should use the one you got from the XBOX.Dean Fiveboys Skimin None of any printed DNS codes work on my Xbox 360.

Learn about the network settings on your Xbox One and common network troubleshooting procedures.Use this tutorial to learn how to set up your Xbox One with MediaStreamer by changing your DNS settings.The numbers you wrote down earlier covered the Subnet Mask and Gateway however the IP Address you found earlier was already assigned to your computer.We have tried to follow the guidance on using manual DNS settings which seems straight forward. ie. click.

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For simplicity I am assuming you have something like a Linksys e-1000 or other Cisco router with a very similar GUI.

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In theory you should just be able to change the last digit up by one.I like to throw on Youtube when I have a bunch guest over and let people take turns picking a video and they love it.Reply Sam I used a free American DNS code and my Netflix keeps saying ui-122 error.

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In this screen you will make sure both IP Settings and DNS Settings are on Automatic.

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Try and configure your Xbox's DNS with Google's public DNS servers and Please sign in to use this functionality Upvote.

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Can anyone help me get access to the American library again by suggesting a fix.