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Introductory Triangles literature is now available in a number of languages.XML is a meta-language: a language that allows us to create or define other languages.

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In practice, it makes the toys appear as enormous safety hazards.English only in China, Chinese as a second language in the US. Seriously.Curiously, the Combiner Wars portion of the Generations line saw the number of languages on European packaging trimmed down to only four again: English, French, German and Spanish.Paket Multibahasa adalah cara standar mainan Transformers untuk tersedia di negara selain Amerika Serikat.

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Starting with the Turbomasters and Predators, English and Spanish texts were merged into a new, bilingual packaging which would be released in the United Kingdom and Spain.

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At the same time, Alternators packaging intended for the US market also became English-only (although bios would still not be included).Thats pretty much limiting what you listen to and being close minded as fuck.

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Only humans use language, though many other animals communicate in various ways.Also, name variants for the different markets were abolished again (although some of the toys still sported different names from their American counterparts).A guide to online, audio, and printed Bibles in 140 languages.Each page contains flyers, brochures, tri-folds, press releases and public service.With the launch of the Animated and Universe lines in 2008, European multilingual packaging as a whole has finally returned to depicting package art, coinciding with the aforementioned drastic reduction of texts in multiple languages in favor of English-only texts wherever possible.

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Spells were words or phrases in the Ancient Language that magic users spoke to control and use magic.This section centralizes USCIS citizenship publications and resources available in other languages.Learn how you can add concrete details to make your message more colorful.LOVE in 28 different languages The word LOVE in 28 different languages other than english.Batman meets and regularly works with other heroes during the Silver Age,.Multilingual packaging is essentially the standard way Transformers toys are available in countries outside the United States.

Prime introduced two new changes to the packaging, the least of which is that Russian has been added, making a grand total of 13 different languages.This even leads to modifications of the toys themselves: For example, various electronic Leader Class and larger figures have alternate versions distributed in markets outside the US and English Canada that only say their names rather than saying full sentences in English (ironically, these markets include the UK).

A common omission from European packaging are various numbering systems.This also finally marked the end of any further name variants for the individual toys between the different European markets, as well as between the European and American markets.The following is a list of spells used in the Inheritance Cycle.Fans hate multilingual packaging (although having the tech specs and bios on the instruction sheet is a great space saver versus hanging on to a chunk of the box in addition to the instruction sheet).On first look, one might actually mistake it for uniform worldwide packaging, but markets outside Europe actually feature Portuguese instead of German, in addition to various other minor differences.

Yes I believe Satan tricks all other religions into another path He will even fool the Christians, his IQ.When the original Transformers toy line was introduced to the Canadian market in 1984, the packaging was bilingual (sporting texts in English and French), using a smaller printing font to fit the Tech Specs and bios in both languages onto the packaging.

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Scottish Gaelic has also influenced the Scots language and English, particularly Scottish Standard English.Disguise definition, to change the appearance or guise of so as to conceal identity or mislead, as by means of deceptive garb: The king was disguised as a peasant.

List of names for turkeys This article has multiple issues. in other languages also frequently reflect its exotic origins, seen from a European viewpoint,.Edit this page. is that there are several methods of training singers to disguise or otherwise hide their. for imitate other languages,.An argot is a language primarily developed to disguise. from the efforts of people speaking different languages to communicate is.

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Between the third and fourth waves of the Revenge of the Fallen size class assortments, Hasbro changed the packaging from trilingual to quadrilingual, now adding Portuguese as a fourth language for the Brazilian market.

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However, no matter how different each word is from the other, it means the same thing.

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