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No specific info about version 3.0. Please visit the main page of CactusVPN Starter on Software Informer.

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The Apps Killer closes only specific applications which might slow down the speed of your connection.

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Start enjoying an unrestricted, secure and anonymous internet.

As you might expect from a decent VPN Company, CactusVPN gives out a 24 hours free trial.It was time to do a little bit of testing on our 20MB UK broadband connection.VPN service help you maintain your privacy while using the internet.On the other hand, Auto Proxy lets you configure the browser as you wish.CactusVPN.exe. File type: Executable application (Win32 EXE) Language: Language Neutral.How do you put a vpn shortcut on the desktop oldjay asked on February 21, 2010.To draw a quick conclusion we have to say that we enjoyed Cactus VPN.Download overplay for mac found at, tried a lot to find out more about data retention laws in Moldova, but we were unable to find anything at all.

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Most proxy services just keep changing your IP Address for every site you go to.

VPN Services - Surf. you can see that the CactusVPN promo code was applied.Cactus VPN is a relatively small VPN company that is located in Moldova.

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This makes the country a great place for this sort of businesses.The purpose of Smart DNS is to get rid of these restrictions.Great marks when it comes to the Applications killer, as well as about the encryption methods.If you are planning just to watch media files from abroad then it would be understandable to constantly switch the DNS settings.

We are happy to mention that they are pretty good at what they do.On the other hand, there are some logs that record details about the connections.

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CactusVPN allows you to hide your true identity and geographical location from anyone interested in such information for any purpose.

CactusVPN: CactusVPN allows you to hide your true identity and geographical location from anyone interested in.That is what a VPN offers, secure encrypted data across the web, keeping your files, yours.

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VPN allows you to hide your true identity and geographical location from anyone.A major problem remains the one of connecting multiple devices.There is a variety of payment methods to choose from, except from Bitcoin, of course.

Websites that you visit will only see our servers and IP addresses, so you keep anonymity all.For all the other websites, the IP will be the same and your surfing experience will be better.

You get a lot of guides in the support area and the FAQs section answers to general questions about VPN.When it comes to privacy, apparently there are no log files kept which record user activity over the web.Free VPN is a software that directs all your network traffic via a VPN provider, making it anonymous to the destination server.They say that this is helps troubleshooting potential problems.In this section, the only real downside was the bitcoin payment method.

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