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If you know your Gmail user id, but forgot your password, Gmail includes a password reset feature.Enter any recovery email or phone number associated with your account.There are 2 freeware utilities that can help you to recover your lost Gmail password: Mail PassView to recover the password from popular email clients,.A friend of mine is not able to access his gmail account, the account no longer will take his password.Attackers are compromising Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail accounts with just text messages and a little social engineering.Yes, please follow the advice that I gave others and you can recover your account.

Is there any way for me to recover this account or do I just have to let it go and open a new account.You can use the recovery form and enter as much details as you can about your account.

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The question asking for the last time I accessed my account shows me 2 boxes, without any drop-down boxes or any indication of how to correctly input the date (format).In this case if i change the password by the normal procedure all the details will be sent to her account.Please guide me how can i get back the access of the account as its my 5 years of data. Thanks. Awaiting quick reply.Hi my gmail id is hacked i have submitted all the info that require in form but no one help to get my account back pls tell me any solution i am much worried about my hacked id.Couple of weeks back a guy had the same problem. he was not able to recollect some basic details but he had a lot of other details but was not able to recover the account by filling up the form.

Since then though, I have not been able to receive emails in my inbox.

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I am understanding now that it is very difficult to retrieve a.

My email id is hacked and iam not able to recover using password recovery page as it has been long since it has been unused.Data Recovery Google FRP Lock Removal Cracked,Repair,Fix, Worry Free Windows Upgrade Holiday Plant City Need digitizer samsung generation s5 mac 3rd mega screen phone.You have to update the thread that you created at Google Forums so that it will be on top and someone will respond.We no longer support Sign In with Google, but we still have your Orbitz travel info.Basically, the only way to reset the account is by following the above steps.You can start a new thread and explain your problem there and someone will assist you. Password Recovery is a great tool to search in your personal computer for Gmail passwords, these are encrypted and easily you can extract them.

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You can use the old account information itself to submit the recovery form.You can recover your email account only if you have enough information about it.

For example, I can check the verification text messages sent by various mobile messenger apps to find the date I started using an app.This is great, but I was hacked over the weekend- someone sent out an invitation to share a google doc from me.Deleting your Gmail account is a big deal, as you will also lose access to any other Google products and services that you.Mahesh, I have been locked out of my Google accounts for 2 days now.Password If you forgot your password, you can reset the password from the Google Account page.If you are a Gmail user, then it is actually quite simple to backup all your emails and even emails in the trash and spam.If the password for your Gmail account and password now can not access your account, check out this guide to recover and restore access to your account from.

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My gmail account is an old account and i only remenber the user name now.